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Yongtai Plastic Cement Co., Ltd

Yongtai Plastic Cement Co., Ltd of Jiangsu Bat Plastic Group.  Setting research, development, manufacturing and sales in it. Our products include  wallpaper and color coated aluminum coil.

Our company introduced the most advanced production lines and auxiliary equipments to produce all kinds of decorative wallpaper. We have new classical, Oriental fashion, modern and simple, pastoral and other styles.  Focus that our products are environmental Protection and meet the usage of engineering, home improvement, business and entertainment. Meanwhile, with annual output of 160 million square meters, our company has two efficient production lines in wallpaper producing,

    Aadditionally, Our company specializing in aluminum coating. With annual output of 5,000 tons of colored and/or coated aluminum rolls, our company owns 3 advanced roll coating production lines and adopts the global leading aluminum coating process. Our products are widely used in architectural building materials and furnishings such as aluminum plastic composite panels, and have many attractive characteristics such as environmental friendliness, light weight, fire and corrosion resistant.