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vinyl-chloride vinyl-acetate resin
BL-4 BL-25 BLM

Technical Specifications: Bat Brand BL-4 is a combination of Vinyl Chloride (VC) and Vinyl Acetate (VAC)
Specifications White powder
K value 48±1 Thermo stability (160℃,10min)/%≥ 60
Viscosity (ml/g)) 56±2 Apparent Density /(g/mL)≥ 0.42
Mass Fraction of VAC / % 13±1 Residue on sieve (0.45mm)/%≤ 0.5
Total vaporized substance /%≤ 1.2 Foreign particles Total Black and yellow dots per 100g ≤ 40
White degree under standard conditions /%≥ 80 Total black dots per 100g ≤ 20

Like all vinyl-chloride vinyl-acetate copolymer, BL-4 has strong resistance to abrasion, strong water resistance, not affected by acid, base, salt, oil and etc under room temperature, chemically stable.
Ketone and ester are common solvents for BL-4, chlorhydrocarbons are rarely used.
Ketone is the best solvent for BL-4, ester can only dissolve part of BL-4.
Chlorhydrocarbon such as Methylene dichloride and 1,2 dichloroethane can completely dissolve BL-4, while trichloroethane and tetrachloroethane will only cause BL-4 to expand.
Alcohol and fat cannot dissolve or expand BL-4. Some Benzene solvents can partly dissolve or expand BL-4.

Typical uses:
Color cards, colored powder, regular ink, paint
We will provide detailed specifications upon request.

BL-4 mix well with PVC resins, epoxide resins, alkyd resins, phenolic resins, acrylic resins, polyester resins, and etc. It is also not affected by acid, base, salt, oil and etc. under room temperature.
BL-4 does not mix well with nitrocellulose, polyvinylacetate and polyvinyl butyral

Color and filling:
Please note that while BL-4 will mix well with most standard coloring solutions, those solutions containing Zinc, Cadmium, and oxidized iron will cause BL-4to decompose under high temperature. BL-4 by itself is heat resistant and anti-UV, but under special circumstances, it is best to improve the stability of the BL-4 during processing.
Epoxy stabilizers are best heat stabilizers for BL-4. If higher heat stability is needed, we suggest the use of organo-tin stabilizers together with epoxy stabilizers; organo-tin stabilizers synergize with epoxy stabilizers to provide better stability. Also, it is best to add anti-UV stabilizers.

To avoid discoloring, both the solution and the final product should avoid iron during processing and storage. The solution should be stored in covered instruments.

If stored in dry places under 25℃, the product can be stored for up to 12 month.
If the product is stored for longer than it’s recommended storage life, the product may still be usable, but the customer should use with care according to the conditions of the product and the requirements of the final product.

Each PP bag is 25kg with inside plastic poly bags.