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BL-HVAGH、BL-LVAGH ternary polymer resin

facade White powder ——
constituent% VC:88%±2
Ethenol 6%±0.2
Viscosity (ml/g) 74-86 48-60
Particle size 100%
Apparent density 0.45-0.65
Black dots/100g ≤10
vaporized substance % ≤1
Solubility Colorless, Transparent

   Vinyl Chloride - Vinyl Acetate - Hydroxyl ternary polymer, the copolymer is formed by vinyl chloride, vinyl acetate, and Ethenol, with about 88% being Vinyl chloride, 6% vinyl acetate, and 6% Ethenol. 。

   BL_LVAGH has good fluidity;
BL-HVAGH has higher hardness, because of the hydroxyl group it has the same characteristics of Dow’s VAGH, with better physical properties, chemical stability, heat stability, and fluidity.
1. Complete Dissolve in organic solvents,ketone,and chlorhydrocarbons, such as 50% ketone and 50% aromatic hydrocarbon. The mix produces a resin solution with 20% solid matter; the solution has the flexibility and the anti-corrosion properties of the vinyl chloride, and the stickiness of vinyl acetate.
2. Good chemical stability, not affected by acid and base.
3. Good moisture resistance
4. Easy to be heat sealed, also easy to dry
5. Can easily mix with other resins such as alkyd resins, epoxy copolymer, urea-formaldehyde resins, PU Elastomers,
ISOCYANATES, and melamine-formaldehyde resin, improving the solution’s stickiness, flexibility, hardness, and stability.
6. High degree of dispersion when mixed with organic and inorganic paint.
7. Because of the hydroxyl group, when mixed with thermosetting resin, it can receive higher degree of chemical resistance and water resistance.

1. Printing Ink
2. Paint (Metal Paint, Plastic Paint, Case Paint, Wood Paint, Ship Paint, UV Bottom Paint)
3. Peelable Paint, Paper Paint, Metal Coating, Anti-Corrosion Coating, Can Coating, Aluminum Coil-Steel Coil Coating, Container Coating and Construction Mater Coating.
Adhesives, Hot Seal

  If stored in dry places under 25℃, the product can be stored for up to 12 month.
If the product is stored for longer than it’s recommended storage life, the product may still be usable, but the customer should use with care according to the conditions of the product and the requirements of the final product.

Each PP bag is 25kg with inside plastic poly bags.