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Molecular Formula
{CH2-CHCL}n n=650~2100
Molecular Weight
It is white powder. Depending on its good miscibility with plasticizer, organic solvents and fillers, it can be made into plastic solvent and organisol. In addition, it can be processed into a variety of products.
Properties and Uses
Its fluidity is close to Newtonian pseudo-plastic. It has high-speed uniform coating and foamability. It is applied for expanded spread coatings, foaming layer of resilient floor, wall papers and expanded leather clothes.
Item Quality Standard
Degree of polymerization 1100-900
Volatile of %≤ Excellent grade:0.4 Class-A product:0.5 Qualified product:0.5
Sieving rate %(0.049mm) Superior grade ≥ 99
Residual chloride content (ppm) Superior grade≤ 5
Type-B viscosity Mpa.s (Dop)100:60 1500-7000
Scraper fineness μm≤ 80
It is packed with polypropylene film and syntactic fiber bag. The weight of each bag is 20kg.
Storage and Precautions
It should be stored in a dry and well-ventilated place to prevent moisture. It must not be stacked in open air to protect it from rain and high temperature.