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PVC sheet

PVC credit card surface layer
used as compound film of all kinds of cards;
PVC common card core layer
used for telephone cards, door cards, portrait cards, VIP cards and etc.
PVC non-touching card core layer
used for radio cards for the fields of bank, securities, telecom, medicine, transportation, insurance and etc.
PVC bank credit card core layer
used as magnet card for bank card, post green card and etc.
PVC special card
used for making SIM card of mobile and high temperature card
PVC extinction printing card
used for color spraying drawing, electrical components display board, luxury appliances, trumpet net and etc.
PVC credit card core layer touching IC card
used for making cards of banks, securities, telecom, hospitals, insurance and etc.
Specifications of Bat PVC
Hard PVC film with average packing: With good qualities in vacuum molding, impact-proof and chemistry-resistant, it is applicable for vacuum molding, neck lines and so forth.
Hard PVC for special usage: With excellent qualities of diaphaneity, luster and impact proof, no-whitening and little water corrugation, it is applicable for various toys, cosmetic, folding package boxs, high Voltage insulation and hair-planting.